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          1. Tools and Widgets

            BioMedSearch is developing tools to make searching biomedical documents easier and more convenient. If you have suggestions for other tools, please let us know!

            Browser Search Plugin

            By adding this plugin to your browser, you will be able to access the search engine of BioMedSearch.com instantly, no matter where you are. The tool is added to your browser's search bar :

            Internet Explorer Internet Explorer version 7+ Internet Explorer Plugin
            Firefox Firefox version 2+ Firefox Plugin
            Google Chrome Google Chrome version 3+ (Chrome uses its address bar as the search bar.)

            To add this search bar, click the button below.

            Once you have the search plugin installed, you can use it by selecting the icon from the drop down of search engine list in your browser search bar. (Your browser search bar is normally located right next to its address bar). With the BioMedSearch.com seleted, anything you type in the search box will be searched on the BioMedSearch site and the results will be displayed in your browser.